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Our most highly regarded products are from Drager and Fire-Dex because our founder is a firefighter with a very high technical degree paired with an incredible passion for bringing the very best products to the fire service. These manufacturers offer what he calls, ZERO RESISTANCE PPE for fire fighters. His belief is firefighters should focus on fighting fires, not their gear. If you are not aware of what makes the Drager SCBA’s and the FireDex gear qualify for our ZERO RESISTANCE rating, we encourage you to contact us for more information or to set up a demonstration (Yes, we will come to your hall!).

Drager has unparalleled communications in the SCBA market, including the new TEAM TALK on the COMS 7000 voice amplifiers. We believe the future of SCBAs for the fire service will be in communications and the technology to have radio communications between fire fighters built into their air packs is here! You no longer need to turn and face the person you want to talk to and yelling is literally a waste of breath. Talk normally and have fire fighters up to 3 stories away hear you crystal clear is what we have in stock. Drager does not stop there. When it comes to purchasing air packs, we offer financing and rental program to help you maximize the discount of your purchase. Buy all your packs at once to qualify for volume discounts and spread the cost over multiple budget years – it just does not get any easier! However, if you are aware that a new standard is set to be released next year, the 2018 NFPA standard for air packs, you will be excited to know that Drager is offering a FREE upgrade to it on packs purchased now. Even if you just want the lightest SCBA that comes with a lifetime warranty, your answer is still Drager.

Fire Dex has revolutionized turn out gear by introducing a new carbon fibre outer shell called TECGEN. This material has driven up the THL properties to unmatched levels and along with their double AND lock stitching being standard on their garments, you will not find a higher quality product. If reducing firefighter fatigue is a concern of yours, providing your firefighters with lighter, more breathable gear that has our ZERO RESISTANCE rating is your best choice. Fire Dex has redesigned their coats and pants by incorporating the same technology that went into the NASA space suits and rock climbing. What you get is the most technologically advanced set of gear that will start impressing you as soon as you pick it up. We would be happy to sell you on the gear, but once you try it on, you’ll be ready to order it!

If you are interested in these or any other products we carry, feel free to contact us and we promise to make the most of your time!