TECGEN71 - Zero Resistance Certified

TECGEN 71 Firefighter turn out gear

The highest performing gear on the market.  Active posturing design reduces effort required to move + 4 pounds lighter than standard gear + the highest THL rating in the industry + much more makes this gear qualify for our Zero Resistance rating.  This gear has all the features and benefits of the FXR garment with the TECGEN71 outer shell that enables us to offer the lightest and most breathable gear

FXR - Premium Set

FireDex FXR turn out gear

The only set of gear that is NFPA certified without a throat tab.  Now you just close your coat and your throat is protected.  Dex-flex shoulder virtually eliminates coat rise, so when your arms go up, your coat and SCBA do not.  Active posturing design provides pre-bent elbows and knees.  NASA designed crotch means the days are gone when you have to pull your pants up just to get in the truck or climb a ladder.  Seam to seam knee pads ensures you are always protected when taking a knee.  Call us for a demo - you will be glad you did!

FXM - Cost Effective Performance

FXM Firedex turnout gear

Not quite as form fitting and high performing as the FXR series, this set is an excellent choice for departments looking to reduce costs while still getting a great set of gear.

FXC - Economy Series

Chieftain 32X

Shopping by price but still want a quality garment?  This is your solution.  Chietain is one of the oldest names in turn out gear and proudly made by FireDex.

Proximity Suits


Extreme gear for extreme conditions.  Why not have the best gear for the worst conditions?



ATTENTION PURCHASERS -  We know that you are dedicated to protecting your firefighters, which is why we are proud to bring you the Interceptor Package.  You get a set of FXR turn outs PLUS a set of Dual Certified TG51 Tech Rescue (NFPA 1951) / Wildland Fire (NFPA 1977) coat and pant PLUS a carcinogen blocking hood for a fraction of the price. 


Nomex Nano Flex

Particulate hood H41 firefighter

 The leading particulate blocking hood in breathability and comfort. This hood provides the greatest situational awareness while keeping you and your crew safe from potentially harmful carcinogens. 


Particulate hood Prevent firefighter


This hood continues working for you even after 100 washes - blocking 99.9% of exposure to dangerous fireground particles.

Made with Stedair® PREVENT, this hood is built for durability.

The New Standard

 Particulate blocking technology is the latest innovation in fire hoods, defending you from carcinogens and other contaminants found in soot and smoke. When considering a particulate blocking hood, make sure the one you choose offers 100% coverage throughout the entire hood like our H41 Interceptor hoods.  Each hood offers different advantages, contact us today and we will explain what they are.


FDXL100 - Leather Boots


Let the Fire-Dex FDXL100 structural leather boot help you work safer, longer, and more comfortably. Using only the highest quality materials, this fire boot is constructed for durability. The FDXL100 uses Vibram® FIRE&ICE™ compound from heel to toe, providing the same flex and grip whether walking on embers or ice. 

FDXR100 - Rubber Boots


The Fire-Dex Rubber boot is a classic staple to firefighting PPE. Waterproof with thermal insulation and steel protection make this an ideal, economical choice for protective footwear.

Certified to NFPA 1971.

FDXL200 - Coming Soon!


Just when you thought our 100 series leather boots were the best, FireDex goes and makes them even better!  We will let you know once they're available.

Dex-Pro Glove


3D, innovative design built with three layers, just like your turnout gear! Materials include 3oz Cowhide outer protection, a military-grade DuPont™ Nomex® thermal liner, and a Porelle® FR moisture barrier.

Certified to NFPA 1971.

The Fingers Make the Glove


Unmatched dexterity, liners that will not pull out combined with material that resists water penetration make this glove the best in the industry - Featuring durable top grain cowhide fourchettes designed for for maximum dexterity. 


Which one are you?


As we learn more about turn out gear and its relationship to cancer, we need to rethink PPE.  Wearing your turn outs more than you need to can increase your exposure to carcinogens but not wearing any PPE is not a safe option either.  FireDex offers the Interceptor package to help keep you and your family safe.

Structural wildland??


Have you ever seen a wildland firefighter wearing structural gear to do their job?  No because it doesn't make sense, especially since cardiac events from overheating / overexertion is a leading cause of firefighter fatalities.  Stay cooler in the heat of the fire with TECGEN51.  



ATTENTION CHIEFS -  We know that you are dedicated to protecting your firefighters, which is why we are proud to bring you the Interceptor Package.  You get a set of FXR turn outs PLUS a set of Dual Certified TG51 Tech Rescue (NFPA 1951) / Wildland Fire (NFPA 1977) coat and pant PLUS a carcinogen blocking hood for a fraction of the price. 

Level 3 TG51 Coat - Khaki


Zipper closure, reflective trim, radio pocket, elbow patches plus a THL rating that will keep you cool!  Not sure what THL is?  Call us and we will explain why this is an important consideration.

Level 3 TG51 Coat - Navy


Level 1 coat is available with reduced reflective and no elbow reinforcements.

Level 3 TG51 Coat - Black


A great choice is to mismatch the color of your bunker gear with your dual certified gear.  As an alternate, you can also go opposite on the color of the trim to make sure your crew can easily identify which set of gear they are grabbing.

Level 3 Pant - Khaki


Zippers on the pant legs, knee reinforcements and optional suspenders make these pants extremely easy to don and doff.

Level 3 Pant - Navy


Did you know that purchasing protective equipment that is easy to use, comfortable to wear and offers exceptional protection will increase compliance using it?  Make your workers life and yours better, by investing in quality gear.

Level 3 Pant - Black


When it comes to sizing, we will make sure this PPE fits you because we follow the FireDex requirements of fitting by using a sizing set.

TG51 Coveralls - Khaki


Prefer the fit of coveralls?  We have those too but unfortunately they do not qualify for the Interceptor Package.

TG51 Coveralls - Black


Coveralls are also available in black.

November 2019


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